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Energy Club

What is the * ENERGY CLUB *?

-A Club where you will have access to 3 monthly workshop videos with my teachings.
-A box with spiritual tools.
-A list of monthly rituals.
-You can ask 5 questions regarding the workshop.
-Additionally, you can add your monthly reading.

The purpose of this club is to create a change of consciousness in ourselves with a correct frequency to achieve our things. Learning to take care of our energy will help us to achieve our goals on the correct path and will help us to be physically and emotionally on the correct frequency.

The Earth in these last two years changed its frequency, the ego and the heat rose. In this Club we will be giving monthly modules to calibrate body, mind and spirit in your own time and space.

Monthly Membership

$55.00 (monthly reading not included)

Annual Membership

$525.00 (monthly reading not included)

Let's Work Together

Please tell us your wants and needs so we can make your membership an individualized experience.

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