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Legal Dissclaimer

Veronica Medium

Veronica Medium connects with angels, spirits, and beings from other dimensions through her intuition and energy channel. Veronica Medium’s spiritual readings are provided for clients 18 years or older for entertainment purposes only.


All clients are responsible for risks of personal decisions, mental health, physical or medical conditions, injuries, illness, personal properties, and emotional health during and after a spiritual session or coaching with Veronica Medium. Any information given is not meant to replace legal, medical, and psychological or any other professional service. 


Veronica Medium reserves all rights of admission and/or deny her services. Veronica Medium does not guarantee the accuracy of predictions, and decisions made based on her readings, nor she is responsible for the information given. Each spiritual session is meant to guide and bring light to the client through the energy of spirits, angels, and ancestors; therefore, Veronica Medium does not hold accountable for the use of the information given to each individual.  

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